About us

Healthcare is an emotional journey for every patient (and the family) with the “practitioner” in the driver’s seat controlling the course of the treatment. To make the healthcare outcome more productive, it is imperative that the practitioner is provided with the necessary tools and information. Dello+ does just that by providing the essential instruments to the busy Doctor.

1. Dello+ has ‘reimagined’ the healthcare solution to a more positive experience for both the practitioner and the patient, with technology being the indispensable glue. The Dello+ For Doctors app is an outcome of meticulous and extensive partnership (2+ years) with doctors, factoring the local practices and demography. The app has evolved to its current form, based on multiple interactions with doctors practicing in both cities and small towns.

2. To augment patient care, a practitioner can freely exchange patient contact and clinical data with the Diagnostic Labs (Dello+ For Labs app) to receive patient lab test reports, digitally.

3. Also, a practitioner can refer patients to a doctor or a department, in a hospital registered on the Dello+ platform (Dello+ For Hospitals app), for further consults or procedures.

4. The patients, via the Dello+ , will be able to engage practitioners to book appointments, do in clinic or phone consultations, and exchange health records easily.

Our solution is to reinforce the ‘relationship-based approach’ between a practitioner and patients, resulting in enhanced satisfaction for all stakeholdersCore Principles driving the Innovation at Dello+ :

-Create a higher degree of patient trust towards a practitioner.
-Enable a deeper and more empathetic engagement of patients.
-Ensure continuity of care based on end-to-end or historical  health data.
-Reduce churn of existing patients for a practitioner.
-Facilitate practitioner collaboration for collective decision-making.
-Improve clinical performance and greater mobility.
-Value consulting time – we encourage doctors to handwrite Rx (prescriptions) and not compromise on patient experience during consults.

Our Leaders

Giri Venugopal

Giri has experience in multiple industry segments working in both, global corporations and startups, in multiple geographies.

Ajay Ghanti

Ajay is a seasoned enterprise architect with experience in USA and India to design & build systems and solutions to scale.

Dr. Harindra M N

Harindra is a Consulting Surgeon with specialization in skull base surgery, cochlear implantation and cancer surgery.

Dr. Shushrutha H

Shushrutha is a practicing Neurologist both in the USA and India with a specialization in Stroke care and Rehabilitation.

Dr. Nithin Krishna

Nithin is a physician-researcher-entrepreneur, with publications, original scientific findings, built & scaled a tech enabled Health Platform.